Thandava Attam(Malaysian Tamil TeleMovie)

Breaking the Entertainment News is Malaysian Tamil film, Thandhava

This movie is declared to be an exhilarating mystery-packed entertainer laced with a family spectacle, to create magic in Malaysia’s box office. Thandhava is yet to kickoff in theatres worldwide approaching July 2011.

Thandhava, is a forthcoming digital cinema movie written and directed by Vassan, a famous dance choreographer in Malaysia. Produced by D’ Cinema Ravi Maraz, Thandhava has Malaysia’s promising stars such as Vassan, KK Khana, Denesh, Rathna Gowri and a lot more from the list.

The film addresses the issue of, for any wrong doings in this world, there is definitely going to be a pay back time for all the consequences faced. Thandava’s climax highlights it out. Thandava has brilliantly come out not only to entertain but also to educate its audiences.

Producer Ravi Maraz has always aimed to produce a high quality film, which will not only appeal to a niche market, but to a wider demographic of people, so vital issues can be brought to the public eye, and challenge the current portrayal of any bad actions within the society.

Deputy Minister of Federal Territory and Urban Well-being, Datuk Saravanan had  launched Thandava’s audio on 1st September 2010 with other VIP’s in a gala event at PJ State Cinema.

This film features a particular song that got much publicized before showcasing the video clip called ‘Arabu Kuthirai’. It was shot very stylishly from exotic background, where foreign dancers gave their best performances for this item number. ‘Arabu Kuthirai’ has appeared first beating the rest in THR Raaga’s Malaysian Top Ten Hits for continuously 3 times. It is surely one of the spotlights of this film.

Thandhava is an anticipated film, more so because of the coming together of two classy Malaysian Tamil film personality-Ravi Maraz and Vassan. It is a crime thriller that is first of its kind in the Malaysian Indian film industry to shine out as a mass entertainer of the year!

Sunthar De Rascal